Employer Nominated Scheme is suitable for applicants who are skilled workers and are interested to work in Australia. To become eligible for permanent residence visa subclass 186, the applicant needs nomination by an eligible employer. After getting nomination, an application is lodged irrespective of location. There is no issue if the applicant is staying in or outside Australia while submitting an application. The applicants, who are in Australia at the time of applying visa application, must have bridging A, B or C visa or substantive visa.

Employer Nomination Visa Streams

There are three streams of subclass 186. These are as follows:

Temporary Residence Transition

This stream is suitable for applicants who have visa subclass 457. They have stayed in Australia for two years and worked in an occupation that is nominated by the eligible employer. If employer is willing to give permanent job in the nominated occupation, the worker can apply for Employer Nomination Scheme.

Direct Entry

This visa stream is appropriate for applicants who are nominated through Direct Entry stream. In this case, the applicants do not have work experience in Australia. Direct entry stream supports those people who are temporary residents but not eligible to apply through stream temporary residence transition.

Agreement Stream

People who have employer’s sponsorship by means of labour agreement are eligible to apply for this stream.

Eligibility Criteria

Only eligible candidates are given opportunity to apply for Employer Nomination Scheme. You are eligible for permanent visa if you meet these conditions:

Have nomination from Australian employer

You have applied just after receiving nomination as nomination is valid for six months

The applicant has required qualification and skills to perform the nominated job

The applicant must have professional membership, mandatory registration or have skill assessment by relevant members

Fulfill character requirements (police character certificate for countries where you lived for time period of 12 months for the duration of past 10 years

Fulfill health conditions

You have evidence of required English skills

The applicant is above 18 years of age

Your age is less than 50 at the time of applying for visa

Visa Conditions for Age Above 50

The applicants above 50 are eligible when they are given nomination by Australian university as senior academic faculty Head or Lecturer   

The applicant above 50 can apply if he is technical specialist, researcher or scientist

Medical practitioners above 50 are eligible if they have visa subclass 457 or 422 and have been working in regional area for 4 years

If you are New Zealand’s citizen and have subclass 461 or 444, apply for Direct Entry stream even if your age is above 50. It is required that the applicant has been working for the last two or three years just for the sponsored employer

If you have visa subclass 457 and have been working for sponsored employer for last 4 years, you can lodge application by selecting stream Temporary Residence Transition 

Employers who have turned 50 are eligible to apply for subclass 186 by selecting Agreement stream if labour agreement supports their condition

Expression of Interest (EOI)

In case the applicants do not have employer’s nomination, they must provide Expression of Interest by using SkillSelect. On this platform, the territory government, state and approaching employers view the skills of applicants to nominate the skilled workers.

Before submitting Expression of Interest, mention the relevant stream as well. At this stage, no documents are necessary to provide. EOI is submitted whether the applicant is outside or residing in Australia.

Visa Conditions

If your current visa does not allow you to lodge an application to extend your stay in Australia, the applicants are requested to contact with Immigration Department to submit visa application in particular circumstances.

Valid documents and valid passport is essential to apply for subclass 186. In case, the passport number is updated after lodging visa application, inform the Immigration Department through ImmiAccount or visiting the office.

How to Apply

In order to get Employer Nomination Scheme visa, the applicant can apply the employer submits the nomination for specific occupation. It is obligatory that time period between nomination and visa application is less than six month. Afterward, the nomination will be disapproved. For applicants who are above 18 are bound to sign Values Statement of Australia that is an important part of application form.

Document is the evidence of your claim, so keep all your documents ready at the time of submitting visa application. It is necessary to submit application online, attach all the documents through ImmiAccount and pay the charges of visa application through credit card.

In case, some of your documents are not in English language, translate these documents from authorities. Inform the Immigration Department if some of the documents are not ready. In order to get update of visa application status, get login to ImmiAccount and track the application.

Notification for Incorrect Information or Change in Circumstances

In case, you have provided incorrect information, select Form 1023 to notify the Immigration Department for correction. If your circumstances (such as birth, marriage, divorce, de facto relation, death, residential address, pregnancy or passport) are changed, inform the concerning authorities. Select Form 929 for passport or address change and Form 1022 for change in circumstances.

Application Withdrawal

The applicants are allowed to withdraw visa application before the Immigration Department confirms the visa. Send an email or post a letter for withdrawal. Your email or letter must include reference number of file, date of birth, full name, Transaction number and client ID. Applicants below 18 must provide withdrawal request with signature of their guardians or parents.