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The dream of living in the continent of Australia has been made easy by the different types of visas available these days. Each type caters to the needs of various people who are migrating to the country every day from all over the world. One of the types is a subclass 457 visa of self-sponsorship. Through this visa, any person interested in working in Australia can apply for a visa.

Subclass 457 Visa and its Features

Mainly a subclass 457 visa permits capable and experienced professionals along with families to live in Australia and work for the duration of four years. This visa allows them to look for a company to sponsor them where they can work at or they have an option of establishing their very own firm in Australia to sponsor them only if they can prove there is a legitimate need for that rank.

Another track for attaining a 457 visa in the country is to become an employee of a sole proprietorship. This method may very well put a person to the path of acquiring permanent residency in Australia. This type of 457 visa makes a person eligible of getting either an employer nominated visa or a skilled visa and in turn leads to permanent residency for the person in the future.

Requirements for the Self-Sponsorship Visa

The main requirements for a subclass 457 self-sponsored visa are very different than any other visa requirements for all categories of Australian visas. This is a visa where you are basically setting up your own business and then using that business as a medium to sponsor yourself as an employee of the business and getting yourself a 457 self-sponsored visa. With this visa in hand you can get a visa grant of four years to come and work in Australia and this can help you in the path to getting a permanent residency in Australia.

This is mainly a process which is broken down into four steps. The steps to follow for this are given below:-

The first and foremost thing to do here is setting up your Australian propriety Limited company, (Pty. Ltd). This is the first step that you take in the process to getting yourself a 457 subclass Visa based on Self Sponsorship.

The Second step in this process is getting the business that you have just registered to be an approved as a standard Business Sponsor (SBS). This will give your business the rights to sponsor for the required visa.

The third step that has to be taken is then the application of the position to be nominated for and getting the visa allocation approval for that position.

The last and the final part of the process is when once the application for the nomination of Position has been approved by the relevant authorities, you apply for the Visa to sponsor yourself.

Conditions for the Self-Sponsorship Visa

As for any Visa that you apply in any category for Australia, there are certain requirements that have to be met. The person who is applying can also include his family in this Visa and the requirements to be met have are:-

The person should have an employment background in the same relevant field as it has to be consistent with the position for the Visa

The person should have a minimum of Acceptable English Level ability.

The person should be of sound health,

The person should be of good character.