For people who are looking to earn a livelihood in Australia, Subclass 457 visa is a good option. It allows them to stay in the continent for up to four years working in their chosen line of work. The applicants for the subclass 457 visa need to look for an employer to sponsor them. The person applying for the employer sponsored visa must opt for any job mentioned in the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills Lists (MLTSSL). They should also meet the standards of the occupations listed.

The employers for the 457 visa must be an approved business sponsor for the applicants of the 457 visa. Once the company or the employer become an official business sponsor and offers an invitation to the employee, they are permitted to apply for a 457 visa centered on the employer’s recommendation. This kind of visa holder is obligated to work for the sponsoring firm unless they contract with another employer to transfer their 457 visa.

The Benefits of Applying For a 457 Visa

There are numerous advantages for securing an employer sponsored visa:

They are the least costly Australian visas to apply for with all the work rights.

A 457 visa is time effective as it can be lodged in simply the time period of a day or two. Likewise, the recommendations and sponsorship applications are lodged rapidly as well.

The 457 visas take the fastest time in the processing amongst the whole lot of the skilled visas, somewhat between 4 to 6 weeks i.e. counting the sponsorship and nomination consent times. Applicants inside of Australia will be allowed a bridging visa to stay there while their submitted request is processed and the ones outside of the continent will be permitted their 457 visas in sometime between 4 to 8 weeks to travel there and begin working with their Australian employer.

As most skilled visas do not, the 457 visa acknowledges previous work experience of the employee for its employer that he has acquired the expertise needed to perform his tasks at his new job. 3 years of experience is required for all kinds of diploma level or trade occupations, any other profession requires at least 5 years of work experience.

Switching From 457 Visa to another Employer

Converting the subclass 457 visa from their current employer to a new employer is possible under this visa type. There are 90 days given since the date the immigration department is notified that a switch of employment is to take place, till a new employer is found to take over the 457 visa. Once a new employment has successfully been found, the exact same 457 visa will carry on till the original expiry date. There are two cases when a transfer takes place:

Employer Already an Approved Sponsor

The new firm or employer should file a nomination asking for a position for the employee coming to join them which should also come up to the standards of the 457 visa employer proposal. The employee should wait for the nomination approval to arrive. As soon as the proposal is approved the person can start work with the new employer.

Employer Not an Approved Sponsor

For an approved sponsorship, the new employer should apply to become an approved business sponsor. As soon as this is done, the employer can nominate the worker for a position who is willing to work for them. Before the nomination is not approved and the business does not officially become a sponsor the person cannot start working for the employer.