Holiday / Tourist visa gives opportunity to visit Australia to enjoy holidays or for business purpose. This visa can be availed for the time period of three months, half a year or one year. It takes almost AUD 135 to 340 as application charges. In case, the applicant is the holder of specific passport, he/she can get cheaper or even free visa. eVisitor visa subclass 651 is totally free whereas the applicant of Electronic Travel Authority visa subclass 601 is being charged just AUD20 as service charges.


Holiday / Tourist visa is suitable for applicants, who are interested to visit Australia

»     As business visitor
»    As a tourist
»    To meet with the family

If the applicant is applying for visa when he is in Australia, it is possible to avail online service to apply for visit visa. Conversely, the applicants outside of Australia must submit paper application to get visa. In case outside Australia applicants have specific passport, they are given opportunity to apply online.

Visa Options

ETA Visa

Electronic Travel Authority visa subclass 601 is offered for short time period for business visitor or tourism purpose. Applicants from various countries and regions are allowed to apply for ETA visa. In most of cases, ETAs are approved online.

eVisitor Visa

Subclass 651 eVisitor visa is offered without any charges to applicants who have specific passport. These applicants live outside Australia and show concern to stay in Australia for business or tourism purpose.


Visitor Visa

Visitor visa subclass 600 is offered to those applicants, who are interested to visit their family members, visit for business or tourism reason for three months, six months or one year.

Holiday & Work Visa

Holiday & Work visa subclass 462 is appropriate for applicants of 18 up to 30 years, who are interested to enjoy holidays in Australia and work for one year. For this purpose, the candidate must have a passport of an approved country.

In case, your visa is expired at the time when you are staying in Australia, you are considered as illegal citizens. Contact with CSRS (Community Status Resolution Service) to change immigration status. To get advantage of online services, make ImmiAccount and lodge application for visa online.