If you need visa for three, six or twelve months to stay in Australia for business or tourism activities, Visitor Visa subclass 600 is appropriate to meet your requirements. Tourism category includes recreational activities, meeting with friends or family members and enjoying holidays in Australia. On the other hand, business activities are based on negotiation, conference and investigative business visit.

It is important to disclose that subclass 600 does not allow visitors to sell goods, offer their services to organization or promoting their services to the community. If you are intended to perform short duration work, apply for subclass 400 Temporary Work visa. People who are intended to get training or informal study for two or three months are also eligible to lodge application for Visitor visa.

Long Term Visitor Visa

 Visitor visa for long duration is offered to the parents of permanent residents and citizens of Australia. Visitor visa that is applied by an applicant who is outside of Australia is valid for five years. It allows the applicants to stay just for one year. Applicants who are in visa queue of subclass 103 are only eligible for this (five years valid) visit visa.

 Parents who are not enlisted in visa queue are given one year visit visa with validity up to three years.

Streams of Visitor Visa

Business Visitor
Visitors applying for short duration business are included in this stream. Before applying and at the time of visa approval, the applicant must be staying outside Australia.

Tourist Stream
People who need to travel for a recreation, holiday purpose or to meet family members can apply this visa.

Sponsored Family Stream
The applicants who are applying to stay in Australia must have authentic sponsor who offer assurance of support bond. The applicants must not be in Australia while applying or getting approved visa. It is possible to lodge application for another visa category during your stay in Australia.

Destination Status Approved Stream
People who are intended to visit Australia in form of a group must be outside of Australia when they have to submit their applications.

Proof of adequate funds should be provided. Health, character certificate and health insurance are some of the requirements of subclass 600. Visitors who are above 75 must provide certificate of an authentic doctor to show their fitness to travel. It takes 20 to 25 days to get visa approval. Submit your application with all documents online (ImmiAccount), by courier or mail. When visitor visa is valid, you are allowed to travel whenever you plan.