Contributory Parent Visa is divided into two categories. First of all applicants apply for subclass 173 to get temporary visa. This visa category supports parents who are not residing in Australia and want to visit Australia for two years. It is a temporary visa therefore cannot be renewed or extended. You are entitled to apply for this visa if your case meets one of the below mentioned conditions:

►    Your child is settled permanently in Australia
►    If your child is enjoying permanent residence in Australia
►    If your child has New Zealand citizenship but get established in Australia

It is important that your child has been living legally for more than 2 years. When you are sponsored by your child, you are given privilege to bring your dependant family members. Subclass 173 visa holders are able to study, work, travel and get health care.

As compared to other visa types, Contributory Parent Visas are highly expensive. Generally, most of the families prefer to make visa process faster therefore they have to shell out more charges. Though applicants are given facility to apply directly for permanent Contributory visa but it requires to give one-time payment. On the other hand, subclass 173 gives chance to pay the cost within two years.

Age of Contributory Parent Visa Sponsor

The applicant’s child must be above 18 at the time of giving sponsorship. If the age is below 18 than the spouse of your child (above 18), who is Australian Citizen, permanent Australian resident or citizen of New Zealand has given authority to sponsor the parents. Moreover, relative or guardian of your child or child’s partner and community organization has rights to sponsor the parents.

How to Apply

The applicant is required to live outside Australia while submitting application and at the time when visa is granted. There is only one possibility to apply while living in Australia if your current visa category allows you to lodge application for another visa. Before applying for Contributory Visa, the applicant must provide document regarding health, balance of family test and character as well.

Permanent Contributory Parent Visa 143 Subclass

Subclass 143 allows the applicants to stay in Australia on permanent basis. If your child is above 18 and his/her stay in Australia has covered two years, the child is eligible to sponsor parents. It is necessary that sponsor child provides proof of permanent residence or citizenship of either Australia or New Zealand. The applicants can be sponsored by child’s partner, community organization, child’s guardian or relative if the age of your child is less than 18.

It does not matter whether the applicant files an application while staying in or outside of Australia. The applicants who have temporary visa subclass 173 are given permission to apply for permanent parent visa while living in Australia.

How to Proceed

Whether you are applying for Contributory temporary or permanent parent visa, you have to prepare relevant documentation before submitting an application. If all your documents are currently inaccessible; mention these documents in the application. It is necessary to provide missing documents as early as possible to avoid any delay.

The application is lodged by courier or by post. A case officer is handed over the case to check whether the applicant meets all the conditions or not. If the applicant qualifies, the Immigration department demands for assurance support and application charges.

Health Requirements

Specific health requirements are necessary to meet by temporary and permanent contributory parent visa applicants. The applicant is required to examine health only when Immigration Department demands. The rule is applied to all members of family who are mentioned in visa application.

Character Requirements

The applicants of temporary and permanent parent visa are required to provide Police certificate of all countries where they lived for time period of one year. It is important to disclose that applicants are bound to provide character certificate for the last ten years. The applicant and dependant members will arrange character certificate when Immigration department will demand.

Assurance of Support

Assurance of support can be given by an organization, and individual or sponsor to confirm that the applicant will be given enough financial support for next 10 years.