Parents can apply for Australian migration by using one of these two categories.  Contributory Parent Visa & Non-Contributory Parent Visa.

Contributory parent category is suitable for parents who are sponsored by their children living in Australia. On the other hand, non-contributory parent visa includes aged parents, remaining relatives and sponsored parents. Whether you are applying for Contributory or Non-Contributory visa, it is necessary that your sponsored child is Australian citizen, permanent Australian resident or New Zealand resident but settled in Australia lawfully. Basically the requirements for these two Parent visa types are similar; however there are some differences as well. For instance:

   Non-contributory parent visa applicants have to wait for longer time period to get visa
    Contributory Parent visa applicants pay higher fees to complete visa processing on priority basis
    Non-contributory parent visa applicants pay less application fee and provide (AoS) assurance of support bond for comparatively shorter period.

Parent Visa Application

Before applying for non-contributory parent visa, it is necessary to take out all other visa applications that were lodged to get visa. For this purpose, the applicants have to complete particular section of Form 47PA for withdrawal and then complete Form 47PT in order to migrate to Australia.

Balance of Family Test

According to balance of family test, it is necessary that more number of your children reside in Australia as compared to any other country. To become eligible to sponsor parents, the child must have:

    Permanent residence in Australia
    Australian citizenship
    New Zealand citizenship whereas established in Australia

Capping & Queuing

Non-contributory parent visa applicants must have an idea of capping and queuing process. Immigration Program grants a certain number of visas each year and no visas are granted when capping or required number is achieved.

Queuing process sets up an order of processing on applications for upcoming years. If your application is legal, the immigration program will assign a queue date and final visa processing will be carried out according to assigned queue date.

Charges for Visa application

Parent visa applicants need to confirm two installments to complete the visa process. First VAC is paid at the time of submitting visa application. It is non-refundable fee and cannot be delivered even if the application is disapproved.

Second VAC is paid for all members that are mentioned in application. The applicants pay the second installment before grant of visa application. It is refunded when the visa is terminated before the visiting Australia.

Assurance of Support

Non-contributory parent visa applicants are requested to show valid AoS for two years before visa is approved. Your sponsor or any other individual take the guarantee of financial support while your stay in Australia.