If you are married or have de facto relationship with permanent Australian resident or Australian citizen or resident of New Zealand, there are various de facto and partner visa options to meet your needs. You are eligible to apply even if you are engaged and your future partner is permanent resident of Australia or citizen of Australia on the basis of 457 subclass visa. Partner visa as well as de facto option is also suitable for heterosexual and same sex couples.

Australia migration program concerning Partner Visa gives an opportunity to permanent residents, Australian citizens and citizens of New Zealand to sponsor prospective spouse or partner to live together in Australia. Visa specialists support partners in finding the relevant visa category that can accomplish their needs easily. Common visa categories that fall into partner visa are as follows:

♦   Fiancé or Prospective Spouse Subclass Visa 300 (offshore application)

♦   Provisional De facto Partner or Spouse Visa Subclass 820 (onshore application)

♦   Provisional De facto Partner or Spouse Visa Subclass 309 (offshore application)

♦   Permanent De facto Partner or Spouse Visa Subclass 801 (onshore application)

♦   Permanent De facto Partner or Spouse Visa Subclass 100 (offshore application)

If you are interested to bring your fiancée, spouse or partner to Australia, check relevant Partner Visa section to get the detail.

Fiance Visa

Prospective spouse or Fiancé visa is basically a temporary visa for a time period of 9 months. This visa type is availed by applicants to visit Australia and get married. After getting married in Australia, you can apply for partner visa and get permanent residence.

Spouse/ De facto Partner Visa

This visa type is suitable for people who are involved either in de facto relationship or married with New Zealand citizen, Australian citizen or Australian permanent residents. It is important to have permanent residence for more than two years time period.

De facto partner or Spouse visa has two steps to follow. First of all, Partner provisional visa is applied for a specific time period. After getting provisional partner visa, the applicant can further submit an application for Partner permanent visa.

Partner Visa Requirements

   First of all, the applicant must be in state of relationship (de facto, engaged or married) with permanent resident of Australia, Australian resident or New Zealand citizen.
   Applicant must have genuine relationship and must be above 18 years of age.
   De facto and married couples need to show shared commitment to live life together.
   Engaged couple must provide valid proof to get married in future
   Australian partner show legal responsibility to support the partner for the next two years Australia
   Couple must provide documents to show nature of relationship

Only dedicated Visa experts guide applicants step by step and offer them required service to prove genuine relationship. Before applying for visa, the specialists check lodging process in order to submit an appropriate application to the Immigration Department.