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State Sponsored Skilled visa offers permanent residence to eligible candidates. The applicants use SkillSelect to provide expression of interest to Australian state. It is possible that applicants lodge their applications whether they are staying inside or outside Australia. State sponsored visa is available for skilled applicants nominated by the territory or state.


Visa holders are given opportunity to reside anywhere in Australian state or territory. Specific members of family also get privilege from this visa. It is necessary that the applicants get required points (60 points) to obtain eligibility criteria. Visa holders are able to work or get admission as well. They can enroll in Medicare scheme. Visa holders and members of family are eligible to lodge application for permanent residence. There is no restriction to stay only in Australia therefore the visa holders can travel in and out of Australia.

State Sponsored Visa Subclasses

There are two subclasses of state sponsored skilled visa. These are:

Skilled Nominated Permanent Visa Subclass 190

Subclass 190 offers permanent residence and an opportunity to work and study in Australia. Due to State nomination, the applicants are given five bonus points in order to qualify for permanent visa.

Skilled Regional Provisional Visa Subclass 489

Subclass 489 is provisional visa category that offers to work and stay in Australia for time period of 4 years. In this case, the applicants are given 10 bonus points to become eligible for skilled regional provisional visa. If the visa holder stays in Australia for time period of 2 years and works one year (35 hours/week), he/she can lodge application for permanent residence.

The type of visa actually depends on total points that an applicant require in order to fulfill the point test demands of DIBP. State sponsored skilled visa has a particular way to apply. It is necessary to provide your expression of interest that is included in occupation list of Australia. On the basis of skills, the interested territory or state nominates the candidate and offers an invitation letters. Time period to apply for skilled visa after receiving an invitation letter is just 60 days. The visa application must have all the supportive documents to make the visa process fast.

Australian Territory or State Sponsorship

Applicants are nominated by territories or states in order to get skilled workers. The applicants are expected to stay in the nominated territory at least 2 years and after that they are able to stay in another territory or state in Australia.


The eligible applicants for state sponsored skilled visa have English language skills and their age must be below 50. They are bound to fulfill health requirements and provide police character certificate for the time period of last ten years. Before applying for skilled visa you must show the invitation letter and submit your application on behalf of declaration that is made in your application. All the relevant documents should be attached to verify your claim. In order to get positive response apply as early as possible after getting an invitation letter. Always provide a passport with one or two year’s validity. Keep on updating your information online with the help of ImmiAccount.

Territory government and state agencies view SkillSelect to verify expression of interest. List of occupation is different from state to state therefore the candidate must provide the interest for relevant territory or select all of them. When the applicant gets invitation letter from a territory or state, he is eligible to stay in Australia, study or work. Territory government or state agencies have different processes and some of them contact with the applicant whereas other demands the applicant to contact with the territory.

Process of State Sponsored Skilled Visa

There are 3 stages in this application process. At first stage, skill assessment is carried out through concerning government bodies. Department of immigration and border protection analyzes the application to verify whether you have required skill level in given occupation or not.

If immigration department gives positive skill assessment, the applicant selects expression of interest while staying outside or inside of Australia. In addition to expression of interest the applicant submits an application for Australian state sponsorship. If you have required work experience, fulfill the eligibility criteria and your occupation is included in list of state migration plan then your sponsorship application will get approved.

At third stage, the applicant receives the invitation and submits final application along with all documents to get visa. Priority process is also applied to this visa category. At this stage the Immigration Department checks the order through which all applications are received.

Conditions of Sponsorship Visa

Only successful candidates are given multiple entry visas for 5 years. The eligible visa holders can stay and work in the relevant state for first 2 years and then they apply for reissuing of visa for next 5 years. If the visa holder stays 4 years in Australia, he is able to apply for citizenship.