Public Interest Criterion 4020 (PIC 4020) and Visa Refusal based on PIC 4020

What is PIC 4020?

PIC 4020 applies to certain visas and it allows the DIBP case officer to refuse a visa application on following grounds if the visa applicant

•    Provides a bogus document

•    Provides information which is misleading or false

•    or If the minister is not satisfied with the identity of the applicant based on documents provided

In order to be the visa being granted applicant must satisfy the PIC 4020 requirements

What type of visas PIC 4020 applies to?

Since the introduction of PIC 4020 now it applies to most visa types and must be satisfied in the below visa types

•    Skilled Migration Visas such as Subclass 189

•    Business Visas such as Subclass 188

•    Temporary Visas such as Tourist Visa, Visitor Visa etc

•    Student Visas

•    Family Visas such as Parent Visas

What are the consequences of PIC 4020 visa refusal?

Following could happen if you visa application is refused for failing PIC 4020

•    You may not be granted visa for 3 years and up to 10 years. In most cases this condition cannot be waived

•    If you have other family members included in the visa application, they will also be subject to same restriction as you

What to do if your visa application has been refused due to PIC 4020?

The decision record will show if you have any review rights against the decision. In Either case you must act to clarify the situation as this will affect your future prospect in visiting or living in Australia.

In most cases there are genuine applicant being caught in PIC 4020 for many reasons beyond their control.  Such as there are several people helping them put together a visa application and the case officer may find any information or document not so trust worthy and may lead to a conclusion to use PIC 4020. For example a previous employer did not confirm employment details at all or in time.

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