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Different types of Australian Visa and Australian Immigration possibilities are available for potential migrants. Financial resources, skills, English Language, age, health, business contacts and family relations are some of the basic factors that help in selecting the best visa type. It is important to disclose that migrants are not selected on the basis of culture, gender and race.

Migration Program places the potential migrants into two basic groups. These are Family Migrants and Skilled/Business Migrants. Other types of visa are applied to study, visit or work in Australia.

Family Migrants

More than 32,000 potential migrants fall into list of Family Migrants. To apply for this visa, the migrants give reference of dependable Australian relatives who have enough financial resources to sponsor the migrants. Family members (such as children and aged members) are dependent, so they can apply by following this clause. On the other hand, independent family members who can work should select Australian Skilled Migrant section.

Family migrants are eligible to apply even if they do not have required English language skills; however they are bound to follow character and health requirements. Family Migrants can select one of the given categories according to their circumstances:

>     Partner Visa

>     Parent Visa

>     Child Visa

Other Family Visas

>     Last Remaining Relatives

>     Dependent Aged Relatives

>     Carer

Skilled Migrants

More than 70,000 migrants apply to play constructive role in improving economy and society of Australia. Skilled migrants need to apply after considering the best category for them. These categories are as follows:

Skilled Independent Migrants

Age Limit – less than 45

Distinguished Talent

Highly talented people, especially in sports and arts

Australian Linked – Skilled Migrants

Have English language skills, high qualification and sponsorship of Australian relatives

Sponsored Regional Migration

This scheme is valid for those candidates whose employers are living in an area away from metropolitan region.

Nominated Migrants

It is possible that employers appoint overseas skilled members when local members do not have enough skills to perform the job.

Business Migrants

Though Business Migrants are part of Skilled Migrant Section; however due to special stipulations these are placed in another category. Business Visa encourages businessmen to develop their business in Australia on permanent basis. Investors and business owners are given facility to apply four years visa to develop the business. Business migrants of high caliber are able apply for Business Talent Visa to get permanent residence, sponsored by Territory or State government

Work Visa

Working Holiday Visa

The candidate applies for recreation purpose but gets an opportunity to do temporary or part time job. Applicants (18 to 26 age limit) from Japan, Canada, Malta, United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands and Korea are eligible for this visa category

Temporary Residence & Work Rights Visa

It is offered for four years to applicants who are sponsored by the employer.

Temporary Entry Visa

This visa category is suitable for candidates who have planned to come Australia for specific purpose such as International relations, cultural & Social and skilled employment.

Visitor Visa

Visit visa is necessary for all applicants (excluding New Zealand and Australia), who have planned to visit Australia. Three months standard visa is issued with no right to work. Long Stay visa is another type of visit visa that grants six months stay in Australia.