This article focuses on the Business Migration to Australia, under the Significant Investor Visa. The investor visa is not just about investing money blindly, rather it’s also about managing the applicant’s investment in variety of ways such as setting up a business, operating a business, guidelines lying under the foreign investment framework, investor obligations, obtaining various approvals before and after setting up the business, decision related to business structure, establishment of an Australian firm, registration as a foreign company, how to acquire an Australian firm, obtaining or acquiring a business property in Australia, stock listing in Australia, trademark and/or domain registrations and facilities available under the Australian Government Support Programs. These are some of the vital elements which have to be identified, understood and be prepared for; before investing your hard earned money under the Significant Investor Visa (also known as SIV) which is a large amount. According to recent changes to this visa category, a minimum of $5 Million in Australian Currency has to be invested in a period of 4 years, in order to be eligible under this visa category. One more alternative was introduced by the Government of Australia and was announced by the Prime Minister. This alternative option is called Premium Investor Visa (also known as PIV). Under the PIV visa category, the minimum investment amount is $15 Million (AUD) which needs to be invested in a period of 12 months.

The government also announced a Complying Investment Framework for both; Significant Investor Visa and Premium Investor Visa. The authority of developing the Complying Investment Framework was delivered to Austrade (also known as Australian Trade Commission). Austrade is responsible for nominating the potential SIV applicants, for assessing the Complying Investment Framework and to develop the new PIV option for the immigrants. So, now SIV is in an enhanced version after the above explained modifications. However, the management of migration still remains with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection i.e. DIBP. The management of migration includes tasks such as changes to the regulations, implementation of both the programs on ground level, investor’s compliance with the programs and day to day administration activities. However, all these facts are true; though it’s always suggested to take advice from the Investment Experts at Austrade. Alternatively you may also connect to some private investment specialist who can deliver you genuine consulting service with accurate and perfect guidance. Right investment decisions are prior to applying for Significant Investor Visa. Austrade has also appointed the executives through Australian High Commission in various countries for such immigrants, who wish to apply for visa under the investment category.

As far as investigations on possibly profitable deals or for updates related to investments in Australia, you may also take help from the Austrade Website. This website has complete information related to all types of visas and processes related to Business Migration to Australia. However, though if you stuck up somewhere, it’s suggested that you mail the support department with your queries for further assistance. You can also search for consultants or agencies on internet, which are licensed and authorized by the Government of Australia for providing services related to Business Immigration.