Are you from one of those who are looking to establish or own a new business in the Australia? Are you one of those who are just looking to manage an existing business in the Australia? In both the cases, it’s an assurance that you are on the right place. This article was created with an objective to help the people wishing for Business Investment anywhere throughout the Australia. Officially the Government of Australia has named it: Business Innovation and Investment – (Provisional Visa) (Subclass 188). The very first and mandatory requirement to avail this visa is that you must be selected by the Australian State/Territory Government or some Authorized Australian Agency. To get approved, you must have an invitation from the Minister of Immigration & Border Protection of the Government of Australia. This is one of the first requirements along with some other eligibility criteria, such as certain character and health related requirements. Apart from this, there are some additional requirements; which are related to the stream you are applying for.
This Visa for Australia include four major streams for you to apply. These four streams are:

The Business Innovation Stream:

Those people who have extra-ordinary business skills, born to innovate, who have enough experience and skills required to innovate and those who have been nominated by any State or Territory Government of Australia; such people may feel free to go with the Business Innovation Stream. Your education, background, character, work experience, your achievements, your business history, etc. are some of the many factors that would be analyzed in depth, by the Department of Innovation and Border Protection, before allotment of this visa.

The Business Investor Stream:

The Business Investor Stream is a visa category which is meant for those people who wish to make a required investment of minimum Dollar 1.5 Million (AUD) within the Territory or any State across the Australia. Under this stream, the visa holder is permitted to maintain his/her business and also permitted for their investment activity in the Australia. Similar to the Business Innovation Stream, this category of visa also requires nomination by any State or Territory Government of Australia.

The Significant Investor Stream:

Any individual, who is willing to make investment of a minimum of Dollar Five Million (AUD) in a time period of four years, across any Australian State or Territory, is eligible for applying under the Signification Investor Stream (also known as SIV). The time period of four years for the investment of Five Million Australian Dollars should be in the form of complying significant investments i.e. the investment in the way any individual wishes, is not permitted under this stream. It should comply with the rules and regulations applicable by the Government of Australia.

The Premium Investor Stream:

This stream is somewhat similar to the SIV (Significant Investor Stream). The only difference is the amount of investment under scheme is minimum Dollar Fifteen Million (AUD) and the timeframe is 12 months. Rest all the eligibility criteria and requirements are same; as in the case of SIV stream.