Everyone across the globe knows what migration is, but if you ask someone about the types of migrations, the process, the procedures, the documentation, etc. then a large number of people would be unable to deliver accurate information related to migration. This article focuses on the variety of alternatives within the Business Migration category for migrating to Australia. Business is the key element for any global population. It’s the business that helps everyone throughout the word in survival. Just imagine for a while about the circumstances, if the term “Business” had not taken birth or in other words there was nothing called “Business”.

In such a situation, if there was nothing called business at international level, then the population of Middle East Nations where there is a lack of food and water due to deserts everywhere; would have to face scarcity and survival problems. Isn’t that scary? Let’s take another example. In such a situation, if there was nothing called business at national level, then a farmer would have food, but no house; whereas the one who is in construction industry would have a house, but no food. There would have appeared a large trouble of doomsday in the pre-historic period itself, and whatever you see today around you; nothing would have existed. This is where the role of Business Migration comes into existence.

Now when you have understood and identified about, why the two words “Business” and “Migration” are important in the lives of every person across the world, let’s explore in depth the alternatives available for Business Migration to Australia. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection of the Government of Australia, heartily welcomes the migrants to their nation and has multiple options open for the business class people. Whether it’s about Business Investment based migration or Business Innovation based migration or Significant Investment based migration or Business Talent based migration, the country has several alternatives available for your ease. The process of application which the Australian Government has adopted is also very convenient, smooth and error-free.

There are several visa alternatives available if someone wants to migrate to Australia for the business related reasons. Following are few of those multiple alternatives introduced by the Australian Government for Business Immigrants:

Business Innovation and Investment – Provisional:

The visa in this category was designed by the Australian Government with an intention of helping those people, who wish to own a new or existing business, manage a new or existing business or invest in a new or existing business.

Business Innovation and Investment – Residence:

This visa category is meant for those people who wish to continue to own or manage their existing business in the Australia and for those people who wish to continue their existing business and investment activity in Australia.

SIV – Significant Investor Visa:

The eligibility criteria for this visa category is an investment of Dollar Five Million (AUD) in a time period of 4 years, by any individual. There is one more option called PIV – Premium Investor Visa where the eligibility criteria is an investment of Dollar Fifteen Million (AUD) in a time period of 12 months.

Business Talent Visa – Permanent:

Those who are highly skilled and experienced with a significant achievement of a good business history are eligible to apply under this visa category. People, who have sourced venture capital funds from any member of Australian Venture Capital Association Limited, are also eligible to apply under this program.

A common requirement in ALL the above Business Migration visa categories is that you should be nominated by an Australian State/Territory Government. This is a mandatory requirement.