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 Choose the right IT occupation for your skills assessment

Getting enough points for general skilled migration is important, but so is choosing the right occupation for your skills assessment. Many people who work in IT do a wide variety of roles that might fit into several different categories. This means that you can choose which occupation to try and get your skills assessment in. It’s also important for long-term planning, if you’re looking for a new job that might lead to migration to Australia.


Occupations to avoid

Software engineer and ICT business analyst are the two most popular categories, which means you will need much higher points to get an invitation for them. This also means that related occupations like developer programmer and systems analyst also need higher points for an independent skilled nomination.


Occupations to consider

The IT occupation on the long-term skilled list that has the least applicants is ICT Security Specialist. If you have experience in a role that’s primarily ICT security related, you can jump to the front of the line.

If you’re a computer network and systems engineer, you have it easier than the software engineers and systems analysts. You will still need more than 60 points but you might be able to get in with 65, unlike the more popular occupations.


What about state nomination?

Each state has its own requirements, but as a general rule any occupation other than software engineer or ICT business analyst will have an easier time than those two occupations. Most states that nominate IT positions have special requirements, so you’ll need to check the state you’re interested in to see what they require.


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