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The government has announced full details of the new pathway to permanent residency for New Zealand citizens. The visa will be available after 1 July and has the following requirements:
•    You must have been “usually resident” in Australia for a continuous period of least 5 years
•    This period must have started on or before 19 February 2016
•    You must have TAXABLE income of at least $53,900 (between the 2013-2017 tax years) for the 4 years before your application and $51,000 if you are using the 2012/13 year. This means your total income must have been at least $72,100 and likely more depending on your individual circumstances.
•    There is no age limit or English requirement
•    You must fulfil the health criterion but there is a waiver available
The cost for this visa is $3600 for a single applicant, $1800 for each secondary applicant over 18 and $900 for secondary applicants below 18, but it is paid in two instalments with 20% paid up front and the remainder paid just before visa grant.
The age limit for subclass 189 visas will also be lowered to 45 on 1 July, in line with changes made to permanent employer-sponsored visa streams. This will not apply to applicants who were invited to apply before 1 July 2017.
If you’re a New Zealand citizen who may be eligible for permanent resident or a citizen of any country who may be affected by the new GSM age limit, contact us on 08 6161 9239 for a consultation.