On 18 November the government changed the law so that if they thought you had provided false or misleading documents or information in a visa application, you would be banned from Australia for 10 years.

 This change has now been disallowed in the senate, so it is as if the law never changed. This means:

  • If you have been refused a visa on PIC 4020 grounds over 3 years ago, you can now apply for a visa again
  • If you received a letter from the government saying they suspected you of breaching PIC 4020 and withdrew your application after that, you can now apply for a visa again

The government might try to put the changes back, but they will have to start from the beginning again to do so and it may be some time before this happens. Even if the government makes the changes again, any visas lodged before that will have to be processed under the 3-year rule, not the 10-year rule.

If you have been affected by PIC 4020 and want to lodge a new visa application or appeal the decision, contact us today on 6161 9239 to schedule a consultation.

Anand Gupta

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