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 On 1 July a number of changes happened to work-sponsored visas. Here’s a summary:

Age requirement

The maximum age limit for permanent employer-sponsored visas has been lowered to 45. There exceptions for certain senior academics, certain holders of subclass 444 or 461 visas and certain medical practitioners.

There is no age limit for applying for a subclass 457 visa.


English requirement

The English requirement for all permanent employer-sponsored visas is now IELTS 6 or equivalent. This includes the temporary residence transition scheme, which used to only require vocational English (approximately IELTS 5). There is an exception for people who have completed 5 years of full-time study where all tuition is in English. The high salary exemption has been removed.


Skills assessments for 457 visas

Citizens of Bangladesh, Nepal & Pakistan applying for a subclass 457 visa as a cook or a chef must now undergo a skills assessment through Trades Recognition Australia (TRA). Some exceptions apply, especially where the applicant received their qualifications in Australia.


Caveats on Occupations

Certain occupations require caveats to be met before the position can be nominated for a 457 or 186 ENS visa. These can include turnover of the nominator, salary of the nominated person and experience requirements amongst other things.


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