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The changes to partner sponsorship coming in on 1 July will affect how you apply for sponsorship, but did you know there are limits on who you can sponsor and when you can sponsor them?

Here are the most important facts:

-You can only sponsor a maximum of 2 partners in your lifetime

-There must be five years between you lodging your first sponsored partner visa application and the Department considering your second sponsored partner visa application unless you can show compelling and compassionate circumstances

-If you have recently been granted a contributory parent visa, you cannot sponsor your partner

-If you have recently been granted a Woman at Risk visa, you cannot sponsor your former spouse or partner (or a partner who has not been declared to Immigration)

-You cannot sponsor someone for a prospective marriage visa unless you have met in person since you both turned 18


If you are thinking of sponsoring someone for a partner visa, contact us today on 08 6161 9239.