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There is a lot of talk about Tasmanian state nomination for graduates right now, but Tasmania is not the only state that gives its graduates advantages. Here’s our guide to state nomination benefits for graduates for different states and territories:


Major Requirements

Major Benefit

Western Australia



Northern Territory

Complete two years of study

You are able to apply for a sc190 visa


-Graduate from a master’s degree or have a positive decision on your PhD thesis, having studied in Qld for 100% of the course.

-Provide an offer letter for a job in your field (PhDs living in Qld do not have to do this)

Master’s – slightly different list of occupations

PhD – Can be nominated for any occupation available for subclass 190

New South Wales




Bachelor’s degree – graduate in Victoria

PhD – complete your degree at a Victorian university

Bachelor’s degree – extra occupations available (science & health)

PhD – Can be nominated for any occupation available for subclass 190

Australian Capital Territory

Complete a PhD in the ACT

Faster processing of nomination, no fee for nomination, minimal supporting documents required


Complete a course in Tasmania with 2 years (subclass 190 nomination) or 1 year (489 nomination) of study

Can be nominated for any occupation available for subclass 190 or 489

South Australia

-Study a course in SA related to your occupation for at least one year.

-Work experience requirements apply unless you have excellent grades or are studying a postgraduate research degree

Access to an expanded list of occupations to choose from – most occupations that are available for subclass 190 or 489.


NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list of requirements for state nomination. Each state or territory has its own criteria aside from those listed in order to be nominated.

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