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A lot of people are talking about Tasmanian nomination right now but a lot of wrong information is flying around – even on some news websites! Here’s the truth about studying to get state nomination:

-The old rule was that you could be nominated for a subclass 190 visa if you studied a 1-year tertiary course in Tasmania.

-Tasmania announced that this is changing to a 2-year requirement in 2018, which means that anyone who was about to start their course would need 2 years of study in Tasmania to be nominated

-Due to complaints from people who had just started or had made plans to start studying in Tasmania, the government announced that people who started studying before 31 July 2017 could be nominated with 1 year of study.

-Many people have been saying that if you change your plans now and start studying in Tasmania before 31 July, you can be nominated after 1 year. This is not 100% true.

The exemption to the 2-year rule is meant for people who had already made plans to study in Tasmania. The government knows that people will try to change their plans to take advantage of the one-year requirement, and they can refuse to nominate someone if they think they have done that. There is a very high risk that they will see through the plan and will decide not to nominate you.

On the other hand, if you plan to study for 2 years in Tasmania then you have a good chance of nomination. You can also still be nominated for a subclass 489 visa if you study for one year in Tasmania.

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