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The Australian government has always banned people from Australia for providing false information & fake documents. Until now this was a 3-year ban, but from 18 November 2017 this will become a 10-year ban. This means that if the Department has previously found that you have provided false or misleading information or documents, you must wait 10 years from that decision to apply for another visa. This includes information & documents provided with visa applications that were later withdrawn.

There is a waiver available for compassionate and compelling circumstances, but this is very difficult to prove.

It’s important to know that you can be banned under this law even if you didn’t submit anything fake yourself. Sponsors, agents & even sometimes family members can all cause you to be banned if they submit fraudulent documents or lie to the Department. Always make sure everyone involved in your application understands how important it is to be honest when it comes to visa applications.

Finally, we all know that sometimes the Department gets it wrong. If you’re dealing with a PIC 4020 issue such as a refusal or invitation to comment, contact us today on 08 6161 9239 for a consultation.