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For people from countries like the USA & UK, getting a tourist visa to Australia usually means a free online application with near-automatic approval. But for most countries, you’ll need to apply to the Department for a subclass 600 visitor visa. Getting one of these visas might sound simple, but our experience shows that the Department are all too happy to hand out refusals.

Here are our tips:

-If you haven’t travelled to Australia before, try asking for a two or four-week visit first. Longer periods have a higher chance of refusal if you don’t already have a migration history.

-Don’t wait until there’s an important family event coming up to apply for your first visitor visa. Apply for a short visit when the stakes aren’t as high so that you can start to build your migration history. That way you have a better chance of approval when it really matters.

-Make sure you answer all questions fully and accurately. There can be harsh consequences even for visitor visas if the Department believes you’ve left something out on purpose.

 If you’re planning to bring a family member to Australia for a visit, contact us today on 08 6161 9239 to schedule a consultation with one of our migration experts.

Anand K Gupta

 MARN: 1465743