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We all know that the Department does not always make the right decision on visa applications. This is why many decisions can be reviewed at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

The rules for working out if a decision can be reviewed are complex, but here are some of the basics to keep in mind:

- If you apply from inside Australia, the decision can probably be reviewed and you can stay on a bridging visa while the review is happening. It’s best if you’re in Australia when the decision is made and when the review application is lodged.

- If you apply from outside Australia, the decision might not be able to be reviewed.

- If you are outside Australia but have a sponsor, they may be able to lodge the review on your behalf.

If you’ve had a recent refusal, get in contact with us on 08 6161 9239 to find out your options for review or lodging a new visa application.

Anand K Gupta

 MARN: 1465743