General Skilled Migration visa is offered to eligible candidates only. This visa is suitable for applicants who do not have sponsorship but have required skilled in specific occupations that are highly demanded in Australia. If your age is less than 50, highly qualified and have skilled, submit your EOI or Expression of Interest to the department SkillSelect. At the time of applying, the interested candidate must nominate significant occupation that fits with the qualification and the skills. It is necessary that the selected skill is present in the list of skilled occupation.

SkillSelect receives Expression of Interest for variety of skilled visas. SkillSelect analyzes the EOI of applicants and gives them ranks according to qualification and point tests. The qualified applicants are invited to submit an application. SkillSelect is also reviewed by territory Governments and states to find eligible candidates to nominate or sponsor. It is consider as an obligatory part of application for point tested visas. The applicant must meet required conditions to get approval. If your EOI is according to Occupation list, you are offered invitation to get skilled migration visa. Expression of Interest is obligatory for following visa subclasses:

>      Skilled Independent Visa 189 Subclass

>      Skilled Nominated Visa 190 Subclass

>       Skilled Regional Visa 489 Subclass

Skills Assessment

Before nominating an occupation, the applicant must provide skills assessment through reliable assessing authority. Similarly, the applicant gives English language test to give proof of language skills. Language test that was given 3.5 years ago would not be approved. All applications of General Skilled Migration are delivered to experienced teams for processing. It is possible to withdraw the visa application during processing stage.

Occupation List

Each state or territory has different Migration Plans so it is better to get information. Australian Government provides two Occupation lists. Skilled Occupation list includes candidates that are not nominated by territory/state or sponsored by eligible family members. On the other hand, list of Consolidated Sponsored Occupation includes members who are either nominated by a territory/state or sponsored by relatives.

In order to obtain Australian Skilled visa, the GSM program offers various options. Each option has specific requirements and visa categories. It depends on circumstances to select one of these subclasses:

Skilled Independent Visa 189 Subclass (without any sponsorship or nomination)

Subclass 189 is relevant for trades person and eligible professionals who have great work experience and have abilities to support Australian economy; however they are not sponsored by relatives or employers. Age, work experience, English language skills, spouse skills and fluency in community languages of Australia are some of the requirements to pass the point test. At present, 60 points are obligatory to become eligible for this category.

Skilled Nominated Visa 190 Subclass (nominated or sponsored visa category)

GSM visa holders are capable to work permanently in Australia. In certain conditions, they are required to work temporarily till permanent residence is granted. This visa is offered when state or territory nominates the applicant. Just like subclass 189, the passing marks for subclass 190 are 60 points.

Skilled Regional Visa 489 Subclass

The applicants must fulfill visa criteria and points to become eligible for visa. In case, an eligible relative sponsors or state agency nominates the candidate, additional points are added to increase chances of approval. The applicants are demanded to get 60 points to be included in the list of successful candidates.