If your goal currently is to work in Australia, employer sponsored visas are probably the best way for you to achieve this goal. To gain access in the country to work, a very good option is to get a firm or any established company to nominate the applicant. There is a wide range of employer sponsored visas available for skilled people who are willing to work and live in the country. This visa can be granted both temporary as well as on a permanent basis. These types of visas are also there to allow people to conduct researches or undergo trainings in Australia.

The major purpose of this visa is to help and assist employers who are in Australia to get a chance to employ skilled labor that is residing overseas. The employers can select people from abroad who have the required necessary qualifications, experience and skills that is required for a particular position with the firm in any part of Australia. Therefore, through this kind of visa, they are allowed to bring those people and give them jobs in Australia.

Types of Employer sponsored Visas

There are several types of employer sponsored visas that are available for employers to choose from. Some the major types of visas are:

Temporary Business Sponsorship subclass 457 visa allows an overseas worker to be sponsored by an employer in Australia.

Self Sponsorship Subclass 457 to set up own business in Australia and sponsor yourself.

Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 where you are nominated by the employer you are working under

Regional Sponsored Skilled Migration Scheme Subclass 187 where you can apply to work in a less populated area of Australia based on your skill set.

Training and Research Subclass 402 where a person can apply to visit Australia to conduct a research or be a part of a training program

The Temporary Work Subclass 400 which allows you to visit for a short term basis to complete your work

How to locate a Suitable worker

It is very hard for employers to find the correct workers to sponsor for them. Usually, employers look for the workers who are in the country on temporary basis based on their efforts and work in the Australian market. Another way of looking is by their personal contact or a previous experience with the person they are nominating or through a recommendation from a third party or someone they know. The government has also initiated this by starting a skill select database program which allows the employers to find employees based on the skills they have listed over there.

Things to look out for

Under this Visa scheme, your eligibility depends on two things; you are either applying for a permanent or a temporary stay and whether you are onshore or offshore when you are applying for the visa.

Also, if you have family members’ dependent on you, they can also migrate with you to Australia. This includes partners and children who are under the age of 18 years. It is vital that they must have reasonable skills in English language and are able to pay a fee.