The aim of having a future in Australia requires the correct type of visa grant. Visas of the skilled migration category provide the greatest possibilities for professionals to live with their families and work in Australia. According to the Australian General Program for the migration of skilled workers, the immigrants and the applicants will be able to utilize their previous work experience, academic qualifications and the ability to converse in the language needed by the Australian immigration to acquire permanent residency there.

How to go about the Skilled Migration Process

In the year 2012, the Australian immigration announced a fresh new professional program most commonly called the Skilled Migrant Selection Register and popularly known as SkillSelect. The process of application required the applicants to provide an (EOI) Expression of Interest. SkillSelect is a two-step phase where the visa candidates first provide a proposal for skilled migration using an online EOI. Based on the EOI of the prospective contenders of the Australian visa, the applicants may be called in to submit their visa application

On the basis of selection criteria, the Australian visa contenders will be chosen on the points test score. It is mandatory for the applicants to meet the standard language prerequisites and acquire the relevant skills assessment before they submit their EOI. SkillSelect program will then be needed to approve the visa. The SkillSelect program, however, does not ensure whether the prospective candidates will be issued a visa or not.


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