Student Visa is the only visa where processing time and complexities are the least. Apart from this, the study visa of Australia permits you to legally work part time during your study period. During the course pauses, you are allowed to work full time also. After completing the course, you can work full time in Australia up to the total number of months equal to your course duration plus one additional month. This is known as post study work permit. Student Visa can be obtained if you would like to attend any of the following types of courses:

•    You may also opt for Professional Courses like Refrigeration Technician Course, Other Vocational Courses, Electrical Technician Course and Other VET (Vocational and Educational Training) Courses. There are several vocational training courses in variety of fields such as Business and Marketing, Information Technology, Hospitality, Tourism, etc. For these types of courses also the Student Visa is available for Australia.

•    Undergraduate Courses are those which award either of these degrees: Bachelor Degree, Associate Degree, the Graduate Certificate, the Graduate Diploma, Advanced Diploma or a Diploma of Higher Education.

•    Postgraduate Courses are those which award a Research-Oriented Master Degree or PhD i.e. Doctoral Degree.

Now coming to point, whenever anyone plans for a Student Visa to Australia, the major point that strikes their mind is tuition fees, cost of living, affordability, quality of life, lifestyle, employment opportunities, etc. In comparison to United States or United Kingdom, it’s an assurance that it would be very inexpensive. Apart from this, it’s very easy to find jobs in Australia in comparison to USA or UK. What would you consider while planning to study abroad? A competition and struggle for finding a job, or an easily available job which shall help you to recover your tuition fees and cost of living? Obviously, we would all like to move to a nation where post-landing, it’s easy to find a job. Otherwise it becomes a problem at a later stage, because studying abroad is never cheap, regardless of any country a person migrates to.

If you are married and plan for Migration to Australia on Student Visa, then you can also include your family members as dependants and they can also join you in Australia. In Australia there is no specific lifestyle. Several people from many different geo-locations and cultures arrive in Australia, live there and enjoy their life; in the way they prefer. So, Australia is not a lifestyle-specific nation. The point is that you will never need to struggle adopting a particular culture.