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    Can You Switch From Non-Contributory To Contributory After Lodgement?

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    The waiting time for the non-contributory parent visas is extremely long – in the region of 30 years, but the applicants for the Parent Visas subclass 103 and Aged Parent Visas subclass 804 can switch to contributory visa application providing that they withdraw the Parent Visa application. The advantage is that the waiting time is considerably shorter, about four years, and in some cases it could be even shorter as the Department prioritise these  applicants depending on the time they’ve spent already waiting since the lodgement. A reduction in the first VAC (visa application charge) is available for those who applied for subclass 103 prior to  27/06/2003

    If you are a parent of an Australian permanent resident or citizen and looking to settle in Australia to be close to your children and grandchildren, or have lodged the non-contributory parent visa but want to fasten the process, please get in touch with us or book a phone/face to face consultation to discuss the best suitable options.

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