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    Caveats On Occupations

    Caveats On Occupations

    When the 482 visa was introduced, the department of home affairs added an extra layer of assessment around particular occupations.  These are known as caveats.

    A caveat is an additional condition or requirement that has been added to an occupation. This generally happens when an occupation is broad or difficult to define and are designed to ensure skilled visa programs are used to fill skilled positions that cannot be filled via the local labour market. Caveats were also introduced to ensure that lower skilled positions, were not being nominated in an inappropriate ANZSCO code.

    Caveats identify more specific requirements related to an occupation, and if these are not met will result in a refusal of the visa and nomination application.

    In total there are 23 caveats that can be applied to an occupation. These include extra conditions about the size of the nominating business, the salary that will be offered to the nominee or the duties that they will be doing.

    A good example is Sales and Marketing manager. This attracts three separate caveats. Firstly, the sponsoring company must be making over $1 million. Additionally, the salary must be over $65,000 and the duties must not include front line selling.  If the nomination does not meet these additional criteria, it will most likely be refused.

    When looking at employer sponsorship keep in mind that the particular occupation may have caveats which will make it harder to get it approved.

    Red Earth Migration can assist you to know whether the occupation has caveats or not.



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