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    From An International Student To A Permanent Resident

    From an International student to a permanent resident

    Coming to study in Australia from overseas often leads to students falling in love with the country and wanting to stay permanently.

    Many students even have a plan of eventually applying for permanent residency before they arrive in Australia and they carefully choose a course that could lead to General Skilled Migration.

    The General Skilled Migration program is a complex web of occupations, English levels and partner’s points. The main goal of the program is to attract the best and brightest talent from a global pool of professionals willing to make the move to Australia.

    The points system awards points for age, work experience and level of English. Extra points can be claimed for studying or working in Australia.

    Many international students focus on the points available for studying in Australia and English language spending huge amount of money on school fees and English language testing.

    Rather than focusing on points for regional study or partner, international students should be looking to finding Australian work experience. Not just for points, but post-qualification work experience is essential for many general occupations’ skills assessments.  The journey from a university graduate to holding a positive skills assessment is straight forward for some occupations, such as engineer, nurse or accountant. On the other hand, popular subjects as Marketing or Human Resources require a 1 year post-qualification work experience for a positive skills assessment.

    When thinking going forward with a Post Graduate visa to a Permanent Visa, students really need to invest time in networking, or internships that can lead to paid employment.

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