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How To Show The Ties In Your Home Country Of Residence?

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The overarching temporary visa principle it is a criterion GTE  (Genuine Temporary Entry) that the applicant ‘genuinely intend’ to stay temporarily in Australia for the purpose for which the visa is granted.


One of the factors in assessing the likelihood of complying with this criterion are the personal circumstances of the applicant that would encourage them to return to their home country of usual residence at the end of the proposed visit, such as:

  • ongoing employment
  • the presence of close family members in their home country – that is, does the applicant have more close family members living in their home country than in Australia
  • property, or other significant assets, owned in their home country
  • study commitments.

The Department’s policy says that In assessing the evidence of ties to the home country it will be considered whether the applicant is currently residing in a country whose nationals represent a low risk of immigration non-compliance, even if the applicant is originally from a country whose nationals represent a statistically higher risk of non-compliance

Also the general conditions in the home country should be considered that might encourage them to remain in Australia, such as:

  • economic circumstances – including unemployment or employment that, based on knowledge of local employment conditions (such as salary rates) would not constitute a strong incentive for the applicant to leave Australia
  • economic disruption, including shortages, famine, or high levels of unemployment, or natural disasters in the applicant’s home country.
  • the applicant’s personal ties to Australia, that is:
    • does the applicant have more close family members living in Australia than in their home country
    • is the applicant subject of adoption proceedings that have not been resolved in their home country
  • military service commitments
  • civil disruption, including war, lawlessness or political upheaval in the applicant’s home country.

In other words the level of evidence required for the residents of some countries might be higher than for the others due to the current political and socio-economic circumstances

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