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Employer Sponsored Visa

Temporary Skill Shortage Visa - Subclass 482

The Temporary Skill Shortage visa category lets approved employers to sponsor the suitable candidates for the selected position which couldn’t be fulfilled by Australian residents after getting approval from the Australian government.

Foreign labour skilled workers are welcomed in Australia under this visa category to prove their skills for the approved employer.

There are below streams in this visa category:

  • Short- Term Stream
  • Medium-Term Stream
  • Labour Agreement Stream

Benefits of this visa:

  • You can apply for a Permanent Residency visa after this visa, if eligible.
  • You can work for your approved employer in Australia.
  • You can accompany your eligible family members (spouse and your/ your spouse’s child/ step-child).
  • You and your eligible family members can work and study in Australia.
  • Travel indefinitely from and to Australia.
  • There is no age restriction.Short – Term Stream: Short Term stream demands occupation to be listed on Short- term skilled occupation list and allows the applicant to live and work in Australia for sponsored employer up to 2 years or up to 4 years if an International Trade Obligation (ITO) applies.

Medium-Term Stream: Medium-Term stream demands occupation to be listed on Medium and long- term skilled occupation list and allows the applicant to live and work in Australia for the sponsored employer (unless exempt) up to 4 years.

Labour Agreement Stream: This visa stream is for Labour skilled workers which let them come to Australia and work for the sponsored employer who has a Labour Agreement in effect with the Australian government. This stream allows the applicant to live and work in Australia for sponsored employers up to 4 years, depends on labour agreement terms.


Step -1: Employer applies for sponsorship.

Step -2: Employer’ Sponsorship application is approved.

Step -3: Employer nominates you for selected Skilled occupation.

Step -4: Apply for the visa.

Step -5:  After the visa grant, fly to Australia!

Eligibility criteria for applicant:

  • You should be nominated by an approved employer.
  • You will have to fulfill the requirement of 2 years of relevant work experience in a nominated or closely related occupation.
  • You should have a positive Skill Assessment if requested.
  • You should have Health Insurance for your stay in Australia.
  • You should meet the Health requirements by appearing for a Medical exam before lodging your visa application.
  • You should meet the character requirements, by obtaining a Police clearance certificate.

Eligibility criteria for employers:

  • The employer should be running a legal operational business in Australia.
  • The employer must submit a valid employment contract mentioning all the terms and conditions.
  • The employer should pay equal or more salary to the nominated applicant as per the market standard rate of related business.
  • The employer should clearly specify the job description and duration in the contract.
  • The employer should be able to prove that Australian residents were his first priority for the selected occupation if required.

English requirement:

  • Short – Term Stream – Minimum 4.5 in each module for IELTS or Equivalent, unless exempt.
  • Medium-Term Stream – Minimum 5 in each module for IELTS or Equivalent, unless exempt.
  • Labour Agreement Stream – As per the Labour agreement contract, unless exempt.

Exemption for english requirement:

  • If you are a passport holder of Canada; New Zealand; the Republic of Ireland; the United Kingdom; the United States of America.
  • If you studied a minimum 5 years of full-time study in English at the secondary level institution.
  • If in your nominated occupation you will be working at Diplomatic or Consular Mission of other countries or an Office of the Authorities of Taiwan.
  • If you hold a license, registration, or membership for the nominated occupation.
  • If you are an employee of an overseas business or its associated entity OR you surely will get a minimum annual salary of AUD 96,400.

Common problems:

If there are any changes in your contact number or Passport details after lodging the visa application, you should immediately inform the Department by submitting Form 929.

Mostly when the applicant doesn’t understand what exact information has been asked by Department, they provide incorrect documents which may result in visa application rejection, to prevent this you can write to the Department asking to clarify the document requirement or may request to speak someone.

Within 90 days after your visa approval, you can start working for your employer; you don’t need to wait for long.

Skill Assessment is required for selected occupations only, it is not mandatory for every occupation.

If you decide to leave your job and not work with your Sponsor, then you have 60 days to either depart Australia or find the newly approved employer to nominate you for the same occupation.

We recommend you to take help from the Registered Migration Agents to avoid hurdles at any stage of the process.

Why Red Earth Migration?

We, at Red Earth Migration, believe in quality and handle your case with utmost care. To understand the requirements of this visa category in detail, you can place a call and book a free consultation for 20 minutes with our Registration Migration Agent.


Your Spouse will have to apply for the Subsequent Entrant visa application.

No, the English requirement is only for the primary applicants.

No, Parents cannot be included in this visa application, you can only include your Spouse, Child, or Step Child.

You cannot work for the new employer until the new Nomination takes place; otherwise, visa conditions will be breached. You can only change your employer if your newly approved employer is ready to nominate you for the same occupation.

Yes, you can apply for the visa if you are outside Australia.

Visa Details

Visa Subclass:
Length of stay:
2-4 Years
From AUD 1455 -3035

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