Aged Dependent Relative Visa

Permanent Aged Dependent Relative Visa is suitable for those applicants who are older and fulfill age requirements. Their eligible relative in Australia takes guarantee of financial support. At the time of lodging this visa, the applicant must be outside Australia. You are entitled for this visa if

    Your visa is sponsored by a relative or relative’s partner
    You are aged and do not have a de facto partner or spouse
    Financially dependent on sponsor before migration
    Fulfill character and health requirements
    Fulfill dependency conditions
    Offer assurance of support

Your relative in Australia has been accomplishing your needs as you are aged and unable to work. The applicant of aged dependent relative visa must be supported by Australian relative for last years before submitting visa application. The sponsor is above 18 and living in Australia as permanent resident or citizen. Moreover, New Zealand’s citizen who is eligible can sponsor the relative.

Visa Obligations

When aged dependent relative visa is granted, the applicant and his family members are given permission to live in Australia permanently. They can apply for citizenship and can travel to other countries. After five years, the visa holders will have to submit application for another visa.

Aged dependent visa subclass 114 is given less priority as compared to other types of family visas. It is the reason; the applicants should only apply for this visa when they are certain to get approval. In case the application is withdrawn or unsuccessful, the concerning department will not refund the charges.


The applicant is aged and meets all health requirements. Police character certificate is provided for all countries where the applicant has lived one year for the duration of last 10 years. Health and character requirements are only fulfilled when Immigration Department request to do.

Visa Details

  • Visa Subclass : 114
  • Length of stay : ​Permanently
  • Cost : From AUD 3,945
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