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    Parent Visa

    Aged Parent Visa - Subclass 804

    Older parents are given opportunity to stay in Australia for permanent basis by applying through subclass 804 of Aged Parent Visa. They must have a sponsor who is above 18, living in Australia and has either citizenship or permanent residence. It is possible that you are being sponsored by New Zealand’s citizen who has been staying in Australia for two years. If your sponsor is younger, guardian or relative of your child or spouse are able to sponsor parents if they meet eligibility criteria.

    Visa obligations

    Aged parent visa is permanent and offers certain benefits to applicants and their family members. They are eligible to live in Australia, study or work, lodge citizenship application, enroll for health care, sponsor other relatives and travel in and out Australia.

    It is significant that this visa category is applied by majority of applicants therefore limited visas are granted. It is possible that your application of visa may take 30 years to get approval. Instead of waiting for 30 years, the applicants should select contributory parent visa that takes less than 24 months to get approved.

    Contributory parent visa has two steps. At first stage, temporary contributory visa is applied and later on application is lodged for permanent visa. To apply for contributory visa, the applicants will pay more charges and assurance of support for longer time period

    How to apply

    The applicants for aged visa must have relevant documents at the time of submitting visa application. They have to fill Form for migration to Australia whereas their sponsor will fill sponsorship form. It is necessary to fill Form by the applicant to provide detail of dependent members and children.

    Visa Details

    Visa Subclass:
    Length of stay:
    From AUD 6,490

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