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Child Visa – Subclass 101

Child Visa Subclass 101 is legal pathway for Australian eligible parents to provide sponsorship to their child. Parents must be living in Australia permanently, have Australian citizenship or are citizen of New Zealand and have been settled in Australia for more than past two years. If the child is below 18, parents are given authority to apply for the child. It is necessary that child is not living in Australia when visa application is submitted. Subclass 101 is permanent visa type and gives following benefits to the child:

  • The child can stay in Australia
  • Able to get admission to continue studies
  • Can work in Australia
  • Gets health concerning care
  • Capable to sponsor relatives
  • The child can travel in and out of Australia

Children born in australia

Australian citizenship is offered to children who are born in Australia. Moreover citizenship is also given to those children having one parent as Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia. These children are eligible to live in Australia without applying for a visa.

Children born outside australia

Children who are born in another country are required to lodge application for permanent visa when their parents are not Australian citizen. On the contrary, children having one parent as Australian citizen are required to submit application for Australian citizenship.

Adopt a child

If Australian eligible parents are interested to adopt a child, they select visa subclass 102 to apply for Adoption visa. Adopted child can get visa subclass 101 only when the child is being adopted before the time when parents have granted Australian citizenship or permanent resident visa. In order to apply for child visa subclass 101, the child must meet following conditions:

Either supported by the parent or partner of the parent

  • The child must be below 18 and single at the time of applying visa.
  • Below 18 child, who has de facto or spouse partner is not allowed
  • If child’s age is between 18 to 25 years, he must be full time student. The child must not be married or engaged. The applicant do not have study gap. If there is above half a year gap, the applicant must provide a genuine reason
  • If child is above 18 but physically or mentally disable to work and rely on sponsored parents. It is important that disable child has no relationship when lodging a visa application.

Sponsored parents and the child relationship

  • The applicant can be biological child of sponsored parents or he/she is adopted
  • The sponsored parent can be step-parent of child. (The relationship of step-parent with the partner is dissolved however step-parent is legally responsible to take care of the child)


The sponsor parents are liable to provide assurance of support so that Australian community is not responsible to bear the welfare cost. The applicant is bound to fulfill character and health requirements. If age of the child is above 16, he must provide police certificate for the past 10 years. All the members, who are dependent on applicant, are listed in the application.

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