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Distinguished Talent Visa (124)

  • Distinguished Talent visa

Distinguished Talent visa program is not for the average person, but rather for people who are at the absolute top of their field. If you have a long history of top international achievement and would like to bring your skills to Australia, this may be the visa for you.

Application Process

Subclass 124 is for visas lodged outside of Australia, and subclass 858 is for visas lodged inside Australia.

A Distinguished Talent visa can be lodged without invitation, but the application must be accompanied by a nomination from an nationally-recognised Australian person or organisation.

Visa Eligibility Criteria

The main criteria for a Distinguished Talent visa include:

  1. You have an internationally-recognised record of exceptional achievement in:
  • A profession
  • A sport
  • The arts
  • Academia and research
  1. Your record is sustained and consistent
  2. You are still prominent in your area
  3. Your skills would be of benefit to Australia
  4. You are nominated by an Australian citizen, permanent resident or organization which can attest to your record of achievement
  5. If you are under 18 or over 55 years old, your presence would be of exceptional benefit to the Australian community
  6. Standard health and character criteria


For secondary/dependent applicants making an onshore application (subclass 858):

  1. Generally speaking, you must be a member of the family unit of the primary applicant at both time of application and time of decision. However, if you were a member of the family unit at time of application and:
  1. Your relationship with the primary applicant has ceased; and
  2. You were subject to family violence by the primary applicant;

then your visa can still be granted.

Common Problems for Applicants

You must be at the very top of your field to receive this visa. For example, if you are a sportsperson it is expected you will be one of the top 5 players in the world.

You must still be prominent in the field, i.e. you cannot have retired.

The nomination document must be lodged at the same time as the application and must be a comprehensive list of your achievements.

Even if your record is considered exceptional in your home country, you must be able show it is exceptional according to international standards.

Unsure if your record is strong enough to apply? Having trouble making sure your nomination form is completed to a high enough standard? Red Earth Migration can assist. Contact us on 08 6161 9239 to schedule a consultation with one of our migration experts today.

Distinguished Talent Applicant FAQ

Where can I apply from?

Subclass 124: You must be outside Australia to apply.

Subclass 858: You must be inside Australia to apply.

Where can I receive the visa?

Subclass 124: You must be outside Australia to receive this visa.

Subclass 858: You must be inside Australia to receive this visa.

What family members can I include? Children under the age of 23 and spouses or de facto partners. Children over 18 must be financially dependent on you.
Can the health requirement ( be waived for this visa? This visa does not allow for waiver of the health requirement.
How long does this visa last for? This is a permanent visa with a five-year travel facility. This means you can stay in Australia permanently but if you want to leave and return after five years you must apply for a resident return visa.

Visa Details

  • Visa Subclass : 124 & 858
  • Length of stay : ​Permanently
  • Cost : From AUD 3,730
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