To lodge application for eVisitor visa Subclass 651, the applicant must have passport of eligible country. Moreover, the applicant is not living in Australia while submitting visa application. Basically eVisitor is electronically saved authority that can be approved by travel agents, border agencies and airlines.

Eligible Applicants

 You are eligible to apply for eVisitor visa if you have planned to stay in Australia for temporary basis.
 You must have appropriate passport.
 Before entering Australia, you must not have tuberculosis
 You do not have criminal record

eVisitor Visa Obligations

If eVisitor visa is granted, you can avail following benefits:

 Stay in Australia up to 3 months
 Validity of this visa is 12 months so the visa holder can enjoy multiple visits
 Enjoy a holiday in Australia
 Meet with family friends
 Get admission in short courses
 Take part in business visitor tasks
 Sign new contracts
 General business
 Perform activities concerning official visit
 Negotiate a deal
 Participate in trade fairs, conferences and seminars
 Volunteer work during stay

Visa Conditions

eVisitor visa does not permit the visa holders to work in Australia, offer their services to any business or promote goods as the basic purpose to offer this visa is tourism. It is possible to take part in volunteer work as no salary is given for volunteer services.
Just like ETA subclass 601, the eVisitor visa subclass 651 is associated with the passport number. It can cause problems if you have applied for eVisitor visa and then received a new passport. Always keep your passport details updated by using ImmiAccount online service.
If you already have eVisitor or another visa category and have submitted application for new eVisitor, your visas will be replaced by recently granted eVisitor.
The visa holder has to pay for medical expenses. Medicare health scheme will cover your expenses if your state or country has an agreement concerning health care of visitors with Australia.

Eligible Countries for eVisitor Visa

Andorra Andorra
Austria Austria
Belgium Belgium
Bulgaria Bulgaria
Croatia Croatia
Cyprus Cyprus
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Denmark Denmark
Estonia Estonia
Finland Finland
France France
Germany Germany
Greece Greece
Hungary Hungary

 How to Apply

Applicant is able to apply online by selecting eVisitor form and provide detail of all members who are intended to visit Australia. Use ImmiAccount to lodge your application. Confirmation mail is sent within 12 hours. If you have not received confirmation email, use ImmiAccont to verify the application status.

Processing Time

  • 75 per cent of applications processed in 1 business day
  • 90 per cent of applications processed in 2 days

Visa Details

  • Visa Subclass : 651
  • Length of stay : 3 months at a time within a 12-month period
  • Cost : Free Visa
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