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    The report comprises detailed information on the business products and services, discussions about several position within the company, descriptions and analysis of the nominated position with reference to ANZSCO, reasonings and arguments for the requirement of the position, and analysis of the candidate’s skills and experience as being appropriate for the position. The report is to ensure that the visa program is being correctly used to nominate skilled labour; when it is difficult to source local labour. The requirement is that the position related with the nominated occupation is genuine. 


    The Department might perform further investigation of the genuineness of the position where there is any information like the nominated position has been created to support migration purpose or the task / job responsibilities do not match with the nominated ANZCO or the position is irrelevant to the nature of the business.

    It is very important to submit and create a report arguing and explaining the above-mentioned concerns. The documents that can help in confirming the genuineness of the position can be the

    organisational chart which indicates that the position fits within the business. It is important to outline all the goods and services provided by the business and how the position contributes to the productivity of the business. It is very important for the employer to provide details of the business and the need for the position to maintain or boost the business’ output. 


    Red Earth Migration’s Genuine Position Reports are written professionally. We prepare a thorough report in support of the genuineness of the position for various sponsored visa applications.

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