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Parent Visa

Non Contributory Parent Visas - Subclass 103

If you are a settled Australian citizen or permanent resident who would like to sponsor your parents to join you in Australia, this could be the visa for you. However, before you apply you need to be aware that there are very long waiting times associated with this visa, such that many applicants may never receive the actual visa in their lifetime.

For a parent visa with a shorter waiting time but a far higher application fee, see contributory parent visas (link).

Parent visa application process

  1. Lodge visa & sponsorship applications
  2. Wait for visa to be assessed
  3. Visa will be placed in a queue if you are assessed as eligible for grant
  4. Wait for visa to progress through the queue (this could take up to 50 years)
  5. When visa is next in line to be granted, do another health assessment
  6. Pay second instalment of visa fee
  7. Visa is granted.

Aged parent visas

There are two types of non-contributory parent visa. One is for parents under the pension age in Australia (currently 65 years old) and the other is for parents over the pension age. The difference is that the aged parent visa (subclass 804) can be applied for within Australia, which means you can be granted a bridging visa that will let you stay in Australia while your application is in the queue.

Applicants under the pension age must apply from outside Australia and will not receive a bridging visa.

Eligibility requirements for parent visas

Criteria to be eligible for a non-contributory parent visa include:

  • Your sponsor is settled in Australia
  • You have more children living in Australia than in any other one country
  • You or your family are prepared to compensate the government for any social services that you use in your first few years in Australia after visa grant
  • You satisfy the health requirement both when applying and when your visa is about to be granted.

Common problems for applicants

  • You will need to provide evidence that your sponsor is settled in Australia
  • Due to the cap on how many visas of this type can be granted each year, the wait time for the visa is somewhere between 30-50 years.
  • If you change your mind and apply for a contributory parent visa (link) after lodging a non-contributory parent visa, you will need to withdraw your parent visa application first.
  • Always be aware of your current visa’s expiry date and conditions. Letting a visa expire without applying for a new one can have severe consequences, even if you try to apply the next day.

Parent visa application FAQ

Subclass 103 (Non-aged parent): Outside Australia.

Subclass 804 (Aged parent): Inside Australia.

Subclass 103 (Non-aged parent): Outside Australia.

Subclass 804 (Aged parent): Inside Australia.

Subclass 103 & 804: Children under the age of 23 and spouses or de facto partners. Children over 18 must be financially dependent on you.

Subclass 103 & 804: There is no health waiver available for this visa.

Subclass 103 & 804: Permanent with a five-year travel facility. This means you can stay in Australia permanently but if you want to leave and return after five years you must apply for a resident return visa.

Visa Details

Visa Subclass:
Length of stay:
From AUD 6,490

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