Permanent Partner Visa Offshore

Subclass 100 visa is suitable for applicants who already have visa subclass 309. De facto partners or spouses of Australian residents and citizens of New Zealand and Australia are given privilege to apply for this visa category. It does not matter whether you are outside are residing in Australia at the time of applying for 100 subclass visa. Heterosexual or same sex couples can apply for this visa category as well.

Eligible candidates for Permanent Partner subclass 100 visas are required to pass assessment that is accomplished by Immigration Department. It is significant to verify whether your case meets the demands of Immigration and Border Protection Department.

Privileges of Offshore Visa Subclass 100

When subclass 100 visas are granted to applicants, they are given permission to live with their partners on permanent basis in Australia. They are given privilege to study or work as well. Permanent partner subclass 100 visa holders have facility to get medical benefits and specific security payments. It is possible to apply for Australian citizenship on behalf on permanent partner visa.

How to Apply

The applicants are able to file their visa application online by completing Form 47SP based on migration to Australia through a partner. On the other hand, the sponsor is liable to fill sponsorship form 40SP for a partner. All required documents are provided and fee is paid online or by post.

  Certified copies of current passport and its biographical page
  Passport size four photographs of all members (45mm x 35mm) with plain background
  Certified copy of birth certificate to show parent’s name
  Certified marriage certificate copies or registered relationship documents
  If required, include statutory declaration, divorce documents or death certificate
  Valid proof of genuine relationship
  Statutory declaration to prove your partner relationship
  Applicant and partner statement to prove relationship history
  Valid proof to show that applicant has joint ownership with the partner

Apart from applicant’s document, the sponsor will submit documents such as birth certificate, Australian passport copy and citizenship or permanent residence

Processing Time

Stream 75 per cent of applications processed 90 per cent of applications processed
​309 – Provisional visa 12 months 16 months
​​100 – Permanent visa 19 months 30 month

Note: Processing Time May Vary

Visa Details

  • Visa Subclass : 100
  • Length of stay : Permanent
  • Cost : From AUD 7,000
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