Provisional Partner Visa (Onshore Application)

Provisional Partner Visa subclass 820 is suitable for applicants who are currently living in Australia. Provisional visa is accepted for indefinite time period and is valid for 24 months. Onshore Subclass 820 is temporary visa and consider as first steps towards permanent visa 801.

This visa category is perfect for de facto partners and spouses of Australian residents, Australian citizens and entitled New Zealand citizen in Australia.

Conditions for Subclass Visa 820

If you are living in Australia right now, you are eligible to apply for 820 subclass visa. The applicant must be in de facto relationship or legally married to Australian partner and have completed minimum one year time period, it is favorable condition to apply. Before applying for visa and during visa processing time, applicant is required to stay in Australia.

Partner visa is sponsored by a partner who is above 18 years of age. You may be eligible to get Partner visa 820 if your relationship is registered and you fulfill all requirements concerning character and health. Your partner may have some restrictions if he already has sponsored or being sponsored for Partner visa.

It is obligatory for the applicants to have ongoing and genuine relationship otherwise Immigration Department does not approve the visa application. All applications are scrutinized to make certain that visa requests fulfill legal requirements.

Applicants, who are in de facto relationship, need to provide evidence of ongoing and genuine nature of their relations. Detailed statements are provided by the applicants and their partners along with two witnesses to prove they are sharing household, finances and take part in social activities together. It is important to disclose that de facto partner cannot belong to same family, have common parent or descendant of each other.


If you are granted onshore subclass 820 visa, you are entitled to avail following benefits:

   Stay in Australia for an indefinite period
   Study or work in Australia
   Become member of Medicare scheme
   Eligible to lodge application for Australian citizenship after three years

Process of Visa Application

Provisional Partner visa is based on two stages.

 Temporary Visa
At first stage, it is necessary to apply for temporary partner visa. This stage makes way for permanent residence therefore applicant needs to pay application charges for one visa to Immigration Department.

 Permanent Visa
Later on, the applicant submits an application to get permanent Partner visa. Only eligible candidates are assigned permanent Partner visa. If you have de facto relationship or being married for three years, your situation is suitable to apply. On the other hand the applicants who are in relationship for the last two years but have a child, they are eligible to file for permanent visa.

How to Apply

To apply for onshore Provisional Partner Visa, the applicants must provide valid documents to prove the authenticity of application. To make visa process fast, ready all your documents before lodging application. To apply online, make ImmiAccount and complete online form for migration 47SP and apply for subclass visa 820. In addition to applicant’s application, the sponsor must have to provide proof of Australian citizenship or residence and complete sponsorship for a partner Form 40SP. If you have applied for new passport or residence, inform the Immigration Department.

Processing Time

Stream 75 per cent of applications processed 90 per cent of applications processed
​820 – Temporary visa 17 months 24 months
801 – Permanent visa 16 months 21 months

Visa Details

  • Visa Subclass : 820
  • Length of stay : Stay until a decision is made for S/c 801
  • Cost : From AUD 7,000
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