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Partner Visa

Provisional Partner Visa (Offshore) – Subclass 309

Provisional Partner Visa Subclass 309 is appropriate for those applicants who are not living in Australia at the time of applying visa. This visa category is conditional and granted for the time period until applicant applies for permanent visa. De facto partners as well as spouses are eligible to apply through subclass 309 if their partners are

  • Permanent Australian residents
  • Australian citizens
  • New Zealand nationals however living in Australia

Requirements of offshore subclass 309

  • Applicant is legally married with the Australian resident or citizen
  • Applicant is intended to marry with the Australian citizen in future
  • You have de facto relationship with Australian partner for the time period of one year
  • Provide valid documents to show genuine nature of your relationship
  • You are eligible to apply even if you have long distance relationship and are living outside Australia before applying for visa
  • Applicant and partner’s age must be above 18 at the time of applying 309 subclass visa
  • The applicant and the dependent must be outside Australia while applying for 309 Provisional Partner visa
  • The applicants must have valid passport before submitting an application for provisional visa

Benefits of provisional partner 309 visa

When visa is granted to applicants, they are given authority to

  • Work in Australia
  • Take admission in course to improve qualification
  • Sign up Medicare scheme
  • Stay in Australia until Immigration Department decides about Permanent Partner Visa

Validity of 309 offshore subclass visa

Offshore provisional visa remain valid till one of below mentioned condition occurs:

  • Provisional visa is valid till Permanent visa is in process
  • The applicant is given visa of another category
  • The applicant withdraws Partner Visa application
  • Subclass 309 visa is cancelled for some reasons

Difference between offshore and onshore provisional partner visa

Subclass offshore visa 309 is a bit similar to onshore Provisional Partner visa 820 as the applicants of both visas are given same privileges. The only difference between these visas is based on location. To apply for 309 visa, the candidates must be living outside Australia whereas situation is opposite in case of subclass 820.

Visa process

Partner Visa for Australia is based on two phases. The applicants are bound to lodge provisional offshore visa request. It takes almost 8 to 10 months to proceed to next stage. There is no need to submit two applications for provisional and permanent partner visa as temporary visa application also covers subsequent permanent visa. Consequently, the applicant is given favor to pay one application charges to Australian Immigration Department.

It is possible to lodge application online, in person or by post. To avoid any delay, provide genuine documents. In case, all your documents are not completed at the time of applying for visa, provide the list of remaining documents and send as soon as possible. The applicant must have to fill form 47SP for migration to Australia. The partner is responsible to provide documents to show citizenship or permanent residence in Australia along with sponsorship Form 40SP.

Visa Details

Visa Subclass:
Length of stay:
Stay until a decision is made for S/c 100
From AUD 8,850

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