This visa is good for people looking to enter the country for a temporary purpose and then leave the country once their work is complete. With this visa, usually you can be in the country for a period of three months, but in some special circumstances even six months can be allowed depending upon the nature of the work and activity in question.

Why should you apply for this visa?

There are many reasons why this visa type is filed by the applicants. Some of the circumstances where this will be the best for you are:
• If you are looking to visit the country to do some short-term, non-ongoing and highly specialized work, this is the visa you should apply for.
• Under limited circumstances, if you are going to visit Australia in order to participate in some work or activity that is related to Australia’s interests.
• To be a part of an event or a series of events that are not of an ongoing basis, that is at an invitation from an Australian organization.

Things to consider when applying for this Visa

When applying for this visa, there are several things you should be aware of and keep in mind. First of all, you should be outside of Australia when you are applying for this visa and the application is being decided. Also, you must arrive to the country within the six month period after you have been granted the visa.

When you are applying for this visa, you must allow some time in order for the application to be processed. Take into account the date you are looking to travel into the country on and lodge the process based on that date. Usually the authorities take around one month to process these details such as character and health checks that are done.

It is highly recommended that you start this process keeping more than a time period six months of when you are actually intending to travel. This will give the authorities enough time to process your application and would cause you to delay any of your plans. Also, you will need to re-apply if you do not enter in Australia in six months’ time once you have been granted the visa.

Requirements for Visa Subclass 400

To be a part of this visa, you must have been invited by an Australian organization in order to be a part of an activity or an event. If you have skills that would help the country in special circumstances or you are needed to help in a nature of national importance such as to help after a natural disaster, you would be invited to visit. Also, if you possess skills, experience or knowledge that can help any Australian business, then you would also fulfill the requirement needed to get this Visa subclass.

Processing Time

75 per cent of applications processed 90 per cent of applications processed
12 days 20 days

Visa Details

  • Visa Subclass : 400
  • Length Of Stay : Up to 3 months (6 months in limited circumstances)
  • Cost : From AUD 280
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