Whether you need to visit Australia for a short time period or temporary basis in order to be a part of a training program or a research survey, Subclass 402 Visa is the best visa that you will need. This is a kind of visa that is required if you are visiting Australia for either a professional program for development, to be a part of an occupational training, to be a part in or observing the outcomes of a research or requires a simple academic reasons. You can apply for Subclass 402 visa through either the occupational trainee stream, professional development stream or the research stream.

Methods to apply

You can apply for this kind of visa by applying through any of the three main types of streams. These streams are:

Occupational Training Stream: This is a type of stream that is for people who are looking to visit for a structured training that is work based. People do this in order to enhance their skills and make them better in their current occupation, their area of expertise or to improve in their tertiary study area. So if you are looking to do either of these three, then this is the bet stream for you.

Professional Development Stream: This stream is the best for government officials, managers and professionals who are invited to Australia in order to be a part of a professional training program. Usually such programs last up to eighteen months and have to be arranged through an employer who is outside of Australia.

Research Stream: This stream is for academics who have been invited to be a part of or observe a research project in Australia. This usually takes place in a research institution or an Australian tertiary.

Things to look for before you apply

Before you apply, you must have a passport that is valid and from an eligible country which will allow you to apply for the visa. Also, the organization that is sponsoring you must be either approved as a sponsor or should have applied for.
Also, sports trainees will now also have to use this subclass of visa since they cannot come using sports visa subclass 421 being used previously.

Things you can do once you get the visa

After obtaining this visa, you can visit Australia at any time if you are residing outside the country. Also, it will allow you to stay within the country for the entire length of the program, research or training that you are looking to be a part of. Moreover, you can go in and out of the country as many times as you like until your program participation finishes or the visa expires.

Requirements for Visa Subclass 402

The only way that you will be able to receive this visa is if you fall under any of the following requirements:
 You are a professional academic
 You are a manager, government official or a professional looking for development program
 An occupational trainee

Visa Details

  • Subclass : 402
  • Length Of Stay : Up To 3 Years
  • Cost : Varies