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    Registered Migration Agent – Westminster

    The government of Australia requires only registered migration agents to provide immigration assistance in Australia.  In order to do this, they must be registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority and listed on the Register of Migration Agents.  Beware of unlawful operators and always check this website to ensure that you are using a registered agent.

    To find up-to-date contact details of registered migration agents, please visit the MARA website search page;


    What is the General Skilled Migration Visa Subclass 190?

    Foreign national skilled workers who hold occupations on Australia’s Skilled Occupations List may be eligible for a Subclass 190 visa.  It requires the applicant to complete a skills test and be nominated by a state or territory government.

    For more information on this visa, please visit;



    What is the General Skilled Migration Visa Subclass 189?

    The Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 is an Australian skilled visa for skilled workers who are not sponsored by an employer, a state or territory or a family member.

    What is the difference between General Skilled Migration Subclasses 189 and 190? 

    The Subclass 189 is the ‘independent’ visa, whereas Subclass 190 is state-sponsored.  Both are part of the General Skilled Migration scheme.  The processes and application types are very similar.  The Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s (DIBP) Visa application charges to lodge are the same.

    What are the benefits of General Skilled Migration Visa Subclass 189 and 190?

    The 189 visa holder can live and work permanently anywhere in Australia and can enrol in Medicare and other healthcare services.  Certain family members can be included in the application too.  Visa 190 is a permanent residency skilled migration visa for people who hold occupations that are high in demand in Australia’s labour market.

    What is the processing duration of these visas?

    Usually it takes around 8 – 10 months to get the Australian Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190.  The Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 takes a processing time of 4 – 11 months.

    What are the other procedures for obtaining the General Skilled Migration Visa Subclasses 190 and 189?

    • Visa Subclass 190

    Submitting IELTS, submitting Express of Interest (EOI), obtaining state nomination, preparing necessary documents and submitting the visa application are involved in the process.

    • Visa Subclass 189

    Matching with an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List, meeting the eligibility requirements, completing a Skills Assessment, submitting Express of Interest (EOI) through SkillSelect, finding a sponsor or obtaining government nomination, completing the necessary documentation by the sponsor, applying for the visa are involved in the process.

    For automatic generation of all the relevant forms and completing your application quickly and accurately, please visit;



    What are the eligibility criteria for the General Skilled Migration Visas Subclass 190 & 189?

    An applicant can be eligible to apply for the General Skills Migration Visa 189 if they fulfill the following criteria;

    • Proficient in the English Language
    • Less than 45 years of age
    • Has eligible skilled occupation
    • Has scored a minimum of 60 pass marks in the Skilled Migration Points Test
    • Has been invited for the skilled visa in Australia

    An applicant can be eligible to apply for the General Skills Migration Visa 190 if they fulfil the following criteria;

    • Has been invited by the territory Australian government
    • Highly competent in the English Language
    • Health and character requirements are met as stated by the Australian government are met.

    What is the cost of the two General Skilled Migration Visas 190 and 189?

    The General Skilled Migration Visas 189 and 190 cost from AUS $ 4045.

    Skilled Nominated Visa

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