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Anand Gupta

Anand Gupta is the director of Red Earth Migration. He is a Registered Migration Agent and Chartered Accountant. Discover the key to seamless immigration processes with a tailored consultation by Anand Gupta, who specialises in intricate cases and business migration. Let his expertise navigate you through every phase with confidence. Secure your consultation now for a stress-free immigration journey.

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Deepa Gupta

Unlock the gateway to effortless immigration with Deepa Gupta, Renowned for expertise in Family visas, Skilled visas, Student visas, Graduate work visas, and Employer Sponsored visas. Trust in her guidance to navigate every phase with assurance. Book your consultation now for a stress-free immigration journey.


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Nabeel Lang

Take the next step in your immigration journey with confidence and assurance, assisted and guided by Nabeel Lang, our highly-experienced Consultant. Nabeel has particular expertise in dealing with visa refusals and cancellations and taking matters on review before the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, for all types of visa applications. Book online to benefit from Nabeel’s wealth of experience

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Gabriela Thomson

Benefit from Gabriela’s expertise as she navigates you through the intricacies of visa applications, ensuring a seamless process. Book your consultation online now to harness Gabriela’s specialized knowledge and pave the way for a successful immigration experience.

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Aneetpal Kaur

An exceptional immigration consultant renowned for her expertise in handling skilled and family visas. With Aneetpal’s dedicated guidance, navigate your way through the complexities of visa applications with ease. Book your consultation online now for a stress-free immigration journey.

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Looking for an educational consultant?

Our experienced educational consultants specialize in providing personalized support to help you achieve your education goals.